Promoting Sustainablity

The John Pitre Foundation has been supporting those that are actively trying to make changes in the world around them. He has mentored and encouraged everyone do do their part. Pitre believes that if everyone does even a little it adds up to be a lot.

If you are interested in building a better world be a part of our initiatives to get involved. Sign up below and we will show you ways you can start wherever you are in the world. Be a part of our growing team to help make the world a better place. 





Honolulu, HI


Saving California (Water Desalination)
Affordable Electricity India
Energy For The World
Hawaii Clean Water


Be the change you
wish to see in the world.

It always starts with a single person. John is regularly stating, "nothing happens until somebody does something." John has not waited around for someone else to make changes in the world. for over 50 years he has actively worked for the betterment of mankind.